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I began working in the Voice Over industry at a very early age doing jingles and radio commercials and singing backing vocals for pop albums, in Madrid, where I am originally from. After spending 15 years in the U.K and achieving a Bachelor’s Degree in literature at Birmingham University, I moved back to Spain and began working as a translator and restarted my VO career. I have been residing in Marbella since 2006 where I have collaborated in numerous projects working for radio, corporative videos, e-learning, etc. As the demand for my work has increased I have invested in a home studio so that I may offer my clients a fast and professional service with a turnaround on most projects of 24 business hours, (depending on volume and extension of the assignment). I can include a translation service for your project and can read for you in English, Castilian Spanish or Neutral South American Spanish. Contact me for more information and a quote without obligation.

Home Studio

  • Iso Voice Booth
  • Protools
  • Professional large diaphragm Condenser Microphone
  • Skype

    Susana Larraz

    Industry Niches

  • Commercial (T.V, Radio, Animation)
  • Documentaries, Reality Shows
  • Corporate (Business, Web Sites, Telephone / On hold)
  • Educational, E-Learning, Etc..

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    Susana Larraz

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    Client Feedback

    "Susana not only delivered an exceptional high quality voice over but also went the extra mile and helped us correct some mistakes in the script that we were not aware of. We are looking very much forward to work with Susana again." Mr. Haug - Hong Kong 

    "Susana made my day. She is extremely talented and fast working artist. She finished my project in no time. I'm grateful to her. I recommend her for Spanish Voice Over jobs without any doubt." Mr. Marrocco - Hungary 

    What does Susana Larraz bring to the story that you wouldn’t experience if you just read the book?

    "She brings excitement. She's a great narrator. Clear voice, diction and pronunciation." Ms. Katrina Ross.- Chicago (audible.com)





    Susana Larraz



    Videos of voice overs in English, Spanish and Neutral Latin American


    Masimo Consumer English

    Barostim Latin American

    Nature Documentary English

    Phoenix Resort English

    American Accent Cadi

    Plateria Betsi Español

    Amare Denia English

    Amare Denia Español

    New Folies English

    Masimo Consumer English

    Unique Fashion English

    E-Salud Avanza Español

    Iberdrola, Deporte femenino

    Huawei English

    Huawei Spanish

    Iberdrola, Día del Viento

    Enerwater Inglés

    Karcher Español

    Edarling, Enamórate

    Iberdrola, Orgullo LGBT

    Vacasol Holiday Homes

    World Scleroderma day

    Esclerodermia, Princesa.

    Mas de Cebrian Español

    Lotusse Español

    Juniqe Inglés

    IKEA Kreativitön Español

    Festival Almería en Corto

    Mater-Bi Español

    Resort Bei Bands

    Siderea Corporativo Español

    What is More than Green?

    Naranjas al día, English

    Documental English

    Información Clínica.

    La Vida es Chula, Desigual

    M&S Christmas food

    Pampers Latin American

    Elvive Latin American

    L´Oreal English

    L´Oreal Español

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